Your Subscription Bakery 

Each week you’ll receive a surprise box of delicious artisanal breads delivered to your door.  This is a one-of-a-kind service – and it’s only available in Ottawa!  You’ll get a weekly newsletter outlining all the week’s bakes (including all ingredients), so you’ll know what to expect!  Small batch, hand made with local, organic ingredients and never any preservatives.

Easy on your Belly 

All of our breads are leavened with our 4-year-old sourdough starter and fermented for up to 24 hours to ensure easy digestion and delicious flavours.  Many people with gluten sensitivities are able to eat slow-leavened breads because long fermentation helps to break down the gluten.  Sourdough leavened breads also stay fresh longer. 


Subscription baking means we only make to order, meaning no wasted or unsold products.  We also use solar energy in our office.

Local and Organic 

We use only locally-sourced and locally-milled organic whole-grain flours and organic ingredients.  The ingredients are often purchased directly from local farmers such as Castor River Farm, Against the Grain Farms, and AgroBio Co-op.  Our newsletter will highlight specific farms as part of our efforts to support community agriculture.

Zero Waste

Your first delivery will arrive in a reusable, 100% recycled plastic box (BPA-free) or you can use your own cooler and save the 10$ box fee. Each week after your first delivery, you clean the box or cooler and we fill it up with fresh bread! Never a plastic bag, and if you would prefer not to use our paper bags, we’ll put it in a separate container that you would clean and put in your box for delivery day.

Zero Emissions Delivery

Electric vehicle delivery to your home or office.

Community Oriented
For every 20 new subscriptions we deliver a weekly box of baking to Russell Heights Community House, given to a different family each week. We have also just hired our first employees directly from Russell Heights Community House. It’s great to have such a great relationship with this community!